Dua al-Iftitah - Haaj Mahdi Samavati - ????? ???? ?????? - ??? ??????

Du' al-iftitah was taught by or twelth Imam (a) for Shi'as to recite every night during the month Ramadhan, The Du'a is excellent for moulding man's attitude towards his Creator as it discusses many aspects of the wrethedness of the human being, and the grace of Allah.

Du'a al-Iftitah reminds us that both faith and action are necessary to be a true believer. Faith in Allah entails acting on His message brought by His messenger, and establishing His religion on earth. While that can only be done through the Imam, we should work and pray for his arrival. Human beings can only enjoy true justice and peace, and a fulfillment of all their needs under the leadership of a Divine leader.

Du'a al-Iftitah is not only a supplication for our needs, but a teaching of the roots of faith, and a planning for a way of life. It remains on us to plot the chart of our life as we recite this beautiful du'a during the nights of Ramadhan


Islam Shia ramadhan Dua supplication ahlulbayt Imams Mahdi Hujjah al-Iftitah iftitah hajji samavati web ?????

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